Main thoughts about the film

I’ll say that this film is pretty standard and that I was somewhat disappointed that it was not somehow more epic in scale. The throw does set some pretty high expectations, and I felt that the movie could have used a little more umph, but I was impressed with how historically accurate the movie was. The Monuments Men has based off a real story, and although there’s a prominent Hollywood influence, the movie does not stray outrageously far from the truth. There actually was a platoon constructed of people (345, to be precise) who spent the past two decades of WWII looking for and returning artwork stolen by Hitler’s armies. More than five million pieces were recovered and returned, and several of them were squirreled away in salt plantations and mines as in the movie. In real life, the Monuments Men continued their hunt for lost artwork well after the war, and there remains an organization now that still hunts for art that has not yet been recovered.

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